case study

The Product

Ah, Spinnaker. I’m a big fan of watches and I was thrilled to be handed an opportunity to help promote Spinnaker new timepiece at the time - The Dumas series. This piece was inspired by a famous diver, “Frederic Dumas”, and carried a very muscular shape than traditional dive watch design. This is one of my favorite watches from Spinnaker today and it was fairly easy to make a watch like this look good in the photos.


The Approach

In order to compliment the muscular form of the watch, I wanted my model to perform “manly” activities to match the mood. It was the middle of Winter. We took the watch to a tiny river (where we would dunk the watch for underwater photos) and decided to start a fire to keep warm during the shoot. I had my model wear the watch while building the fire and it was just right kind of activity I needed to match the mood of the watch.