Lux Pro

case study

The Challenge

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot 5 different kinds of flashlights for Lux Pro - all at the same time. I must admit that when we were creating the pitch, I was a little ambitious haha. I wasn’t quite used to shooting a lot of different products from the same client at the same time, and I admit, I would’ve done it a little differently. However, I had a lot of freedom in the direction of the photo shoot which gave me something to work. I knew that this was going to take more time than my average shoot so I decided to get some of the guys, camp out in southern VA, and shoot into the night. I remember the moment clearly when we got to the site and I started to see the raindrops landing on my car’s windshield…


The Approach

Not only was the darkness going to limit the vision of our cameras, but the rain was going to blur and fog up our lenses as well. We needed as many lights as possible to maintain the slightest possibility of being able to get a clear shot - good thing we were shooting for a flashlight company. As rough as it was, we actually ended up really depending on the flashlights we were shooting and were able to capture how they saved our butts in the midst of a dark, cold and rainy night. NOT sponsored….well, I guess I actually am haha.