case study


The Challenge

Express wanted to advertise their NEXT Royalty program through their social media platforms - specifically for their men’s clothing line. When they approached me with their campaign, I of course very quickly answered yes. After my quick reply, I realized that this project was going to be a little different as it was more fashion-focused than my other projects which were mostly shot out in nature. Even so, I knew that there was one element that remained essential in all my photos - to help the viewer connect with the content inside the photograph.


The Approach

They gave me a code to go out and buy whatever outfit I wanted my model to wear - that was fun. I strategically picked out a very casual outfit because I wanted my viewers to be able to connect with the photos - more than if the model were to wear something flashy and potentially unapproachable. I decided to shoot the photos during sunrise because this would mean less people roaming around in the background - especially in an urban setting. I also enjoyed being able to play around with the horizontal light shining through the buildings.