Bear Feet

case study

The Challenge

I had the opportunity to shoot Bear Feet (now called Wildly Good Socks), an affordable, merino wool sock company. Like a lot of my other shoots, I wanted to shoot the product in the mountains -specifically the Shenandoah in VA. I had a nice vision for shooting them during sunrise at a summit. However, on the day of the shoot, rain had starting pouring down and when we got to the summit, the 270 degree view I was expecting was blocked by a thick cloud of mist.


The Approach

Even though the conditions weren’t ideal, we pushed forward and tried to shoot in the rain. That was tough. My camera kept fogging up and I was repeatedly cleaning the lens with any dry piece of cloth I could find. Eventually, we decided to call for a break and found a shelter to change into a new, dry pair of Bear Feet socks. THAT was the magic moment. I decided to capture the moment of changing into the new socks and was able to capture a story where the product we were shooting was truly taking care of us while we were in the mountains. Nothing went to plan and now, I wouldn’t change a thing.