case study

The Challenge

I had the opportunity and privilege to design a logo (which I’ll post a case study about) and shoot media for Brandon Brown, a NASCAR racer who recently has been kicking some serious ass. I had so much shooting content at one of his races in Dover, Delaware. They granted me access to go down to pit and I was pretty much able to go anywhere - as long as I wasn’t getting in anyone’s way. This was truly new territory for me and I must admit, I felt pretty out of place. There were a lot of moving parts - and they were moving very fast.


The Approach

Even though it was new territory, it was refreshing to get out of my comfort zone and experience new territory while growing my skills further in the field. After talking with some of the other photographers down in the pit and asking my way to get access to places, I found my footing and was able to get a lot of great content from the race. It was a much faster pace than my other shoots and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.