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Sam Lee is a designer and commercial photographer living in Northern Virginia. Sam picked up his first camera around the same time he discovered how much he loves the outdoors. It started by exploring the Appalachians with his friends – capturing the landscapes and sharing them on social media. Over time, his photography became more about documenting the whole experience of the trips he went on and he soon discovered a newfound love for bringing people’s stories to life through visual content.

During all of this, Sam studied to become a graphic designer and is currently a Design Manager at a digital marketing agency helping create impactful content and strategizing the process of bringing clients’ visions into existence.

He has had the privilege of working with a variety of great brands/clients on the side such as Express, La Colombe, Vessi, Brandon Brown (NASCAR), AVI-8, Staheekum and more. He continues to seek for more inspiring stories to capture and help stand out from the crowd.


Everyone has a story to be seen, heard and felt. Let’s bring it to life.